Vnella Blends - Buying Cannabis in the Black Market

Vnella Blends - Buying Cannabis in the Black Market

Posted by Nicole Peña on 2019 Oct 15th

Anyone who smokes cannabis has a story or two to tell about their experience buying weed in the black market. Either you've met some shady characters in a not so safe surrounding or you've had the local pot dealer deliver it right to your door. Buying weed has always been an underground sort of thing that is kind of enjoyable. It's sometimes fun to do things that are supposedly illegal orbad,I have always liked going against the status quo, especially when you consider how great smoking really is.

That being said I was pleasantly surprised when the weed stores started popping up a few years ago in Toronto. There was so much variety and options that I was really impressed. To be honest I didn't know the difference between sativa or indica I only knew the difference between hydro and organic, wheelchair pot and mellow smokes. Now I feel like I am an educated smoker and to be honest I like the new status.

Even though I do like going to cannabis stores in the city, some legal and some not so legal, I will never give up my friendly dealer. Over the years we have become friends, I know that he grows it himself, that there are no pesticides and that he's a part time artist of some sort. I also like that he is right down the street and that I'm supporting alocal business.

As far as I concerned I will always support both. Even though its nice to go to a legal upscale store to buy my goods, I'll always enjoy the rush of supporting the underground economy. Let's face it cannabis has been illegal for so long that buying it illegally is part of weed culture and I don't see that going away any time soon.