Vnella Blends - Mask the Smell of Cannabis

Vnella Blends - Mask the Smell of Cannabis

Posted by Nicole Peña on 2019 Aug 20th

Lets face it smoking cannabis can be great for meditation, sleep, aches and pains, creativity and partying. But pot does have a pungent smell that can often be offensive to the non smoker. Not only that it's a big give away when you don't want anyone to know that you are indulging. Cannabis contains terpenes - aromatic molecules that give it its unique aroma. For many the smell of cannabis can be offensive and unpleasant.

It was with this in mind that

we created vnella. Vnella is an organic herbal blend that was carefully crafted to mask the smell of cannabis. Just add a pinch or two to the cannabis (the perfect ratio is 2 parts cannabis to 1 part vnella) and then roll or vape as usual. This secret blend of herbs is the perfect way to stop the smell of cannabis in its tracks. Its quite sensational because it also tastes good and is full of lung supporting herbs.

So the next time you are in your condo wanting to smoke without the neighbours knowing or when you feel like being discreet and private without smelling up the house try vnella. It not only masks the smells of marijuana but tastes great as well.