Our Story

Our Story

Posted by Nicole Peña on 2019 Oct 17th

                Vnella Organic Herbal Blend

Image of a cannabis plant

Vnella is an original product of organic smokable herbs. The most amazing aspect of this product is that it masks the smell of all herbal smoking products both in the air and on your clothes. This delicious blend has a round and pleasant scent and is the perfect adjunct to your smoking experience Add our Vnella blend to your dry vapours, rolled products or pipes for an incredibly smooth and luxurious smoke.

Vnella has worked diligently to find the perfect blend of herbs, juices and unpasteurized honey to create a fluffy additive to your spliff. We hand sift and dehydrate our herbs to create a fresh green product that has the perfect balance of taste and aroma. Almost all of our ingredients are sourced from local organic farmers and we source our premium grade vanilla from Madagascar. The Vnella blend of 100% fresh, wild harvested, organic herbs delivers a smooth and tasty flavour that enhances your smoking experience.

Vnella is a Canadian company that focuses on creating a safe and effective product for the considerate and inconspicuous smoker. We have introduced 3 flavours to start but we will be rolling out new ones in the coming months. All of our blends include mullein, damiana and coltsfoot, three wonderful herbs that significantly reduce coughing and that have been used for generations for lung and respiratory health.

Vnella is nicotine and tobacco free and can be smoked on its own vaped or added to other smoking material. Our introductory flavours include, Vanilla, Lemon and Honey Mint.

Vnella is the perfect adjunct to the sophisticated smoker who wants a discreet and flavourful smoking experience. Once you've tried the satisfying and masking ability of Vnella you know you'll be hooked.