Vnella Blends - Questions and Answers

Vnella - Image of Lights for FAQM

Are your Vnella herbal blends safe to smoke?

Smoking by nature can be harmful to your health. However none of blends contain the hundreds of carcinogen and chemicals found in tobacco. We also add mullein to all of blends, which is great for the respiratory tract as well as congestion.  All of our smokable herbal blends are USD organic or wild harvested.


Do your blends contain THC or nicotene?

No, vnella blends are made from organic herbs, honey, vanilla and fruit juices.  They can be added to cannabis or smoked on their own.


Can I use your blends in a vaporizer?

Yes they can be added to cannabis and dry vaped at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


What are the benefits of using Vnella blend?

Adding vnella blends to your smoking product improves its’ flavour, helps to mask its scent and allows you to save a bit money by using less your product. Vnella blends are great for people who want to smoke privately without alerting others that they are smoking a joint.  It is also good for non-smokers who do not like the smell.


How long will my herbal blends stay fresh?

To preserve freshness leave your Vnella blends in the Mylar bag that they are packaged in.  You can keep them in fridge to preserve its freshness.  We recommend that you use our Vnella blends within 6 months.


How much do I use?

It is recommended to use a 1 to 1 herbal blend to base herb ratio (one part herbal blend to one part legal herbal product. A good ratio will create a pleasurable balance with better taste, smell and smoothness.  Seasoned users may decide to use a different ratio. Blends can be used in a bowl, pipe, joint or bong.  Like all other herbs, keep blends sealed, in a cool and dark place to maintain freshness. We recommend that you use packed blends within 6 months.